Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eternal Beings

Here's something to generate some controversy. Think very carefully about what you say before you post a response. No religious-induced knee-jerk reactions allowed.

1. Quantum physics says that when we get to the smallest particles, everything is vibration and energy.

2. Most Christians have a belief that they are eternal beings, ie. after we pass on, we will live forever either in paradise or torment of some kind.

3. Jesus, who is our spiritual brother, and whose Father we've been made in the image of (great grammar), was supposedly an eternal spirit before he was flesh.

Here's the kicker:
If we are made in the image of God, if Jesus is our brother, if the basic building blocks of everything can be neither created nor destroyed, is it possible that we, too existed in spirit form before coming to earth to live in human flesh? Do we choose to live as humans from time to time? Do we choose into which family we will be born?

Remember that Adam's body was created from the dust of the earth and God breathed into him the breath of life. What was that breath? Could it have been God sending forth an already existing spirit being into a fleshly host?

Yes, I know what I am suggesting in that question. Throw out all prejudices and fears about other world religions and just think about the possibilities for a moment. Does God create a new spirit being everytime a sperm and egg come together, or is it possible those spirit beings already exist and choose as Jesus did to come back to earth, live in a human body for a time, and grow spiritually more mature as a result of the lessons in which they participate while human?

It really doesn't matter, and yet by thinking about these types of possibilities, we exercise and expand our sometimes narrow-minded views of this awe-inspiring entity we call God and Father. We say we believe that God has amazing power, and yet, even though we were promised we would do things just as amazing, most of us refuse to claim that power. Those who do claim that power are assigned labels like "went off the deep end", "is into that New Age stuff", " is lost", "charismatic", "weirdo", etc.

It's kind of like lobsters in a bucket. When one begins to reach for something better, higher, greater, the rest who don't have a vision of the amazing light at the top grab the ankles of the climbers and attempt to pull them back down to the "dark reality" of the bucket bottom. As long as we're all lobsters in the same bucket, everyone is ignorantly happy.

As individuals seek out and claim their promised eternal greatness and power, they become a threat to the leadership of status quo. If all the lobsters start climbing out of the bucket, no one remains to pay for the pet projects of the leadership. I for one choose to claim my promise and put it to use.

Are those who call themselves "The Church" climbers or ankle biters?

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