Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Peak at the Plan

This universal power, this force of nature, this entity many of us call God is absolutely the coolest, most amazing, and totally awesome force in the universe.

I have spent the last few weeks visualizing my business future. After all, if you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it. A key chunk of that visualization was the recognition that one of the old buildings downtown is part the destiny of my business. It is terribly run down and in need of much work, but it is 5000 sq feet and two stories of space for my Wellness Center.

The building has been for sale, but I really didn't realize it until earlier this week. Last Sunday morning, Hubby and I were feeding the critters on the farm when I decided to tell him about my feelings about the building. Imagine my surprise when he told me he had wanted to buy that building 20+ years ago to live in it. How awesome is it that we both had an interest in the building? I have been saying for quite some time that he and I are truly soul mates, yet I have been about 20 years behind him in acquiring some spiritual elements that he mastered long ago. I'm catching up.

Anyway, I decided to contact the realtor about the building. I knew we were not in a position to make another purchase of that magnitude, even though the building is a steal at $30K. I just wanted to put out there that we had a vision for the building and maybe find out what was going on with it. I had already made up my mind that God would find a way for that building to land in our laps without us having to expend a lot of money to make it happen. How wasn't clear, but I felt like that was what was/is supposed to happen.

The realtor emailed me back with the news. They are closing on the building on Friday, which I presume is today. For a split second my hopes were dashed, then as I kept reading, and re-reading, and re-re-reading, I realized what he was saying. The new owners would be glad to show us the building and they are interested in ideas about what to do with it.

Did I understand that right? They bought the building not sure of what they would do with it, and here I was with oodles of ideas for it? Could that really be right? I quickly wrote all of my ideas in an email to the realtor. He probably thinks I'm totally nuts. Maybe not. I didn't tell him all of what had been going on in my head, so maybe I'm sort of safe.

Then I called Eric, and a wave of emotion and awe came over me like a tsunami. How is this possible? It was as if my vision were coming to pass. A way is being made to realize my dream. (Did I mention that the realtor included the line about being in the dream making business in his email?) All of this had been put into motion long before I caught the vision of using that building or having someone else funding it. I was overwhelmed with love and admiration for the Master of the Universe.

Some would be tempted to enter a realm of shock and disbelief. Not me. This is one more piece of evidence I continue to need to know for certain that I am on track to fulfill God's plan for me. I am taking what many would consider a huge risk in leaving a stable and comfortable job to enter the unknown. Yet it isn't unknown for me. God continues to remind me that what appears to be shaky, unstable ground under my feet is in fact solid because he is removing everything that is unstable. He told me I would walk on water with him. I believe it.

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